This company was born through long hours of hard work, endless ideas, wonderful moments of inspiration and our common belief that love and health start at home when the whole family shares a healthy and nutritious meal together.
          We started by analyzing our lifestyle - nutrition, habits, activities, dynamics and we decided our new journey would start with a new meal plan. We gathered info, sought advice and started cooking and planning each and every meal, carefully choosing natural and fresh ingredients and always minding to maintain the right balance between nutrients. And guess what? We found out that one can enjoy food that is healthy, delicious and packed with nutrients at the same time. Best of all, there are thousands of options available if you just let your imagination run wild in the garden :)
          Throughout the decades, most people came to the conclusion that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy and carefree life. Taking care of our bodies both physically and spiritually has gained social awareness are today we are proud and happy to share our beliefs with millions of other people.
          We know that our bodies need a wide range of nutrients - proteins, carbs, good fats, vitamins and minerals and we try to provide them all daily from the best and most trusted sources we know. But some of them cannot be found in nature, thus we supplement our diet with superfoods.
          When we decided to share our story with the community, we realized that an inspiring nutrition company needs to come up with trusted sources, so one of the first things we did, after talking to people and making an idea about what they need, was to visit and verify all our contractors and suppliers, thus making sure we share the best products.
This is our becoming and the story keeps writing itself on the way. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your own special way.
We wish you lots of love and health,
Tiffany & Jason

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